Our Programs

Motivational Sessions:You do not want to miss out on our popular talks by our influencers and prominent speakers on ethics, diversity, tolerance, equality and positivity. Duration: 2-3 hours.

Speakers will include public personalities from all fields and all countries. They are known for their outstanding achievements, vision and shared values with House of Ethics. Whether you need it for your employees or students or managers, motivational sessions bring out the best in all and replenish a sense of belonging to your entity’s vision, mission and goals.

You can select the personality you want from our influencers list or from outside. A former employee, an alumni or a former director who went on to be successful in his/ her career, can be a good choice especially because they know the environment, they know the impediments and they know what is needed for motivation. We can offer you suggestions too based on your needs. Subject to their availability, influencers can give a one-time session or execute a program over a certain period of time.

House of ethics

Development and Enactment of a Code of Ethics: (6-9 months) This program allows organizations to discuss collectively and develop their own code of ethics based on our 9 pillars: Empathy; Diversity; Respect; Positivity; Equality; Integrity; Morality; Freedom; and Fairness.

House of Ethics will conduct and oversee the trainings for the selected groups of employees and managers using our code of ethics manual. The program will encourage the discussion of the following themes:

  1. Positive culture based on House of Ethics core values;
  2. Wasta and Ethical Standards;
  3. Introducing the Ombudsman; team motivation, harmony and responsibility.

We will be leading several activities in a creative and interactive approach to engage all staff members. We will seek to explore the entity’s identity, generate ideas, accentuate positive culture and provide creative solutions for any specific issue that the entity is facing.

The goal will be for the entity to develop its own code of ethics in an interactive and participatory manner. The code should encompass the employees and managers varied concerns, interests and ambitions. The code will also tackle complaints, encourage positivity and stimulate creativity.

The process will be led by specialists and veteran trainers in an interactive way. The code’s objective would be to bring teams together, make them genuinely feel they belong to a place like home. Once they do, everything else follows: respect; dedication; positivity, responsibility and productivity.


Journey to Ethics Bootcamp:

  • 4-5 days): this journey takes people from their day to day lives to a different location where they focus on themselves and do activities that they would not do in their everyday life. During the 4 days, you will embark on the exploratory journey on the importance of ethics in our lives on an individual and society level.

If you choose to participate individually, you will join a small group of individuals who share the interest to make meaningful change in their own environment based on ethical standards. The journey is curated based on each group’s needs and the activities include a combination of events, lectures, workshops and team building activities.

If you choose to participate as a group of a maximum 10 people, you will receive your own tailored package and have the chance to address the areas of development you would like to tackle for the benefit of your entity. The activities include a combination of events, lectures, workshops and team building activities. House of Ethics will continue to work closely with you to ensure the built momentum endures within your entity.

Ethics art

Tailored trainings: House of ethics will conduct tailored trainings according to partner’s needs particularly in relation to enhancing positive culture, equality, diversity, integrity within the workplace. This can include the Institute’s trainers but also influencers and prominent personalities

identify and explore

solutions to issues that hamper positive interaction and productivity;


a creative, homogenous and thriving culture;


entities values, vision and mission, internally and externally;


ways of applying ethical standards to every day challenges


ethical problem solving and decision making processes to complex issues and dilemmas;


ethical leadership