It’s time for an ombudsperson

For every company,
Every bank,
Every school,
Every university,
And every organization

An Independent ombudsperson who ensures:

Fair treatment for all
Total confidentiality
No retaliation for speaking up

An empathetic Ombudsperson

Who listens to complaints,
Who doesn’t take sides with the powerful,
Who cares,
Who brings around positivity,
And who can resolve complaints with reason and compassion

House of Ethics can provide the ombdusperson service to any entity that so wishes in order to have an independent and impartial person that employees can resort to in times of need;

  • So that amazing people don’t quit because no one listened;
  • So that every staff feels appreciated regardless of his/ her level;
  • So that everyone, from top management to interns, know that their complaints are addressed and they are treated equally.

Do not wait for miracles to happen without taking action; because they won’t!

“Companies that listen to their employees avoid safety, economic and serious harms..It helps them promote a positive culture, leading to the sustainable growth and improved performance,” Michael Volkov ·